Solutions Overview

At Tangent Technologies we believe in the future of technology and its indispensable contribution to a more comfortable and better lifestyle.
We and our partners are investing in designing better technology and IT solutions for the future.

Whether it's telecommunication, IT or infrastructure support, software solutions, remote support and enterprise management. Tangent Technologies wants to help you grow your business. Tangent Technologies invests daily in the best available equipment and qualified personnel to face the challenges of tomorrow.
We are always listening to our customers and our partners to help us understand the challenges of the day and design appropriate solutions.
Tangent Technologies has worked on a wide variety of applications ranging from social media to money transfer, sports and mobile technologies.

Tangent Technologies has worked on social media with mobile location applications; our partners have created huge internet network; while sports applications have enabled them to expand their business effectively by increasing margins while maintaining key field staff.


Advances in technology such as Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing are helping businesses embrace digital transformation. As a result, improve business models and create additional revenue streams.
Accelerate Digital Transformation your with Tangent Technologies.


Tangent Technologies develops and delivers credit automation software for the credit management industry. Our popular credit management system is one of the most powerful and widely used commercial credit rating>, financial analysis, risk management and decision support systems


Owning rental homes can be fun. The right property management company can make all the difference. Our goal at Tangent Property Management Solutions is to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income — without interrupting your daily life


Technology, security, efficiency and reliability are keywords that will define the 21st century.
It will provide the exact data (time and location) for the asset you are tracking, so you can make critical decisions in real time.


In order to track the presence of your staff, this system is designed to intelligently and effortlessly manage the staff of our partners.
Using mobile phones and integrated with the customer's HR system, Intelligent Pointing is the solution for precise staff assistance.


When it comes to search engine optimization, let Tangent Technologies create an aggressive and holistic approach to your digital marketing by helping you define or improve the current rankings of your search engines under various approved conditions and increase your search engine ranking.
Quality and quantity of traffic to your site and greatly improves your overall exposure.
This helps you grow your business at great heights


Our Voice over IP (VoIP) platform helps you leverage your IP network to transport your voice and video services, reducing the cost of your communication. You can have access to our PBX or have one installed and managed on your premises.
Our Photo Call feature allows our users to dial a number by touching a certain area of the photo


Tangent Technologies offers solutions tailored to mobile virtual network enablers and mobile virtual network operators, as well as business models.
Our solutions enable companies to manage relationships with their customers, a range of products and services offered, revenues and relationships with their partners


The world has gone from on paper advertising to digital. With so many users moving away from PCs and laptops, mobile smartphones and tablets have become everyone's favorite gadget.
Customers do not need to search for the product themselves, but advertisers must intelligently reach their potential customers wherever they are


This application is crucial in a large urban area where one can easily feel isolated and alone. It encompasses everything the city has to offer. It has the best restaurants, attractions, bars, clubs and the best doctors and hospitals in the city


Taxio is an on-demand taxi booking solution perfectly integrated with the Uber, the best companion for any transport company.
This solution is provided with a unique and state-of-the-art luxury shuttle service to / from N'djili International Airport


This application is very useful for keeping the well-being of children and adults.
It allows users with chronic diseases who must follow their daily health indicators. Their health information is automatically stored in the app in a fun and easy-to-read format.


Tangent Technologies ensures that now you have every major sport at your fingertips.
From betting to live scores, to contests and engagement with your favorite star, Tangent Technologies offers an entertainment solution to suit all tastes